In KosiceTransfer, we focus on these main concepts with which we work. Our policy consists of an affordable price, which plays an extremely important role nowadays.


We offer the best prices on the market. The price of Budapest Košice transfer / Košice Bratislava transfer / Košice Krakow transfer / Košice Katowice transfer depends on the vehicle you choose on the main page of KosiceTranser, which you can also find here.

If you think that cheaper is automatically worse, we would like to mislead you. The opposite is true, as we pay attention to the cleanliness of our modern vehicles, which are regularly serviced, which ensures a carefree transfer anywhere.

Our vehicles are fitted with high-quality tires, as the fact is that this very element plays an important role in maintaining the safety of the transfer.

Our task is to transport you safely to your chosen address by private transfer from KošiceTransfer on the route Košice Budapest transfer, Košice Bratislava transfer, Košice Krakow transfer, Košice Katowice transfer.